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Why Organize
Mar 30, 2021

Five reasons to say Union Yes:

  1. Money – Generally speaking, union jobs pay significantly more than non-union jobs.  From top to bottom, industry to industry, region to region, union members earn more.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics / US Department of Labor reports that in 2015 the median income for a union member in the US was $980, while those who were not union members had median weekly earnings of $776.
  2. Benefits – Pensions, medical insurance, paid vacation, holidays, personal holidays, sick pay, overtime premium pay, penalty pay and shift differential are generally not only better in a union job, often the only way to obtain them is through a union contract.  Actually, many of these benefits and perks don’t exist without a union providing them.  That’s another reason why companies don’t want their employees to go union.
  3. Safety – This is a stark and sobering reality.  The safety record of union facilities is far superior to that of non-union facilities.  A union contract gives employees the immediate right to insist on a safer work environment.
  4. Dignity – As a union worker you don’t have to put up with arbitrary decisions or workplace harassment.  You can still be fired for substandard work performance, but you don’t have to tip-toe around in fear or be at the mercy of grossly incompetent managers.
  5. Security – The boss can’t just walk up and fire you because he wants to give your job to his wife’s nephew or anybody else.  Management can’t lay you off out of sequence.  They can’t demote you arbitrarily.  Nor can they prevent you, without sufficient cause, from promoting to the next higher job when it’s your turn.

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