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Central Massachusetts Telephone Workers
August 14, 2020
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BM Report October 3, 2014
Posted On: Oct 03, 2014

The Union and the Company have entered into discussions over the potential for an incentive to a contractual IPP. At this time the discussions are preliminary and there are no hard numbers to a surplus. The Union and Company are working to get an agreement but many issues will need to be addressed. If an agreement can be reached then we would be looking at an offer some time in November. If an agreement can’t be reached then a surplus will most likely go out in the next few weeks. We will be involved in meetings in regard to this potential offer and when we have more information we will update this tape.

The Company has completed the canvassing for permanent I/M positions to fill openings in three Rhode Island locations. There were 38 technicians who volunteered for the transfer and 30 were accepted. Local 2325 had 5 technicians awarded openings. These technicians have all been notified and will report to their new locations on Monday October 6th. There were a total of 40 positions available in this canvass. They were not all filled. The Union and the Company will meet to discuss if the remaining positions will be filled. If the remaining openings are filled it will be done within Local 2322. There will be no force component for this Local. If you have any questions regarding this canvass please call this office.

The Company has changed its policy on a loss of license for any member whose job requires one. Any member who requires a license to perform their duties here and losses it for any reason will be accommodated once but will not be paid. The time spent without a license will now be a suspension. There will not be an alternate position offered while you have no license. This is a major change that will have a negative impact on anyone who losses a license. We will be out to all garages to explain your options. The Company has taken a hard position on this topic and it’s up to everyone to be extremely careful when making choices outside of work. Your job is important to you and your family and you must understand the consequences to a poor decision. If you have any questions please call the office.

The Company has notified the Union that they are implementing a new policy regarding the electronic recording of calls. Calls with customers as well as related contacts with other employees will be recorded for Supervisory and service observing. All members should be aware that all contact done on the phone can be recorded and listened to. All calls, including calls between members during work can be scrutinized and recorded. Use caution and speak professionally at all times regardless of who you are talking to. The recordings will be erased after 30 days but calls that contain violations of the code of conduct or gross misconduct can be used for discipline. If you have any questions please call the office.

Members, officers and Business Managers from all New England Locals attended a T6 mobilization meeting last week.  Great ideas and thoughts were exchanged and the committee is off and running. We begin our mobilization efforts now and will increase them in intensity as we get closer to bargaining in the Spring. The committee will continue meeting monthly for now and will plan activities to get the membership prepared for what will be another lengthy battle with this Corporation. We have learned from our last round of bargaining and we will update our strategies as such. For now all members need to begin to prepare. Start saving money and get your finances in order. We not only need to prepare as a Local but our strength will come from our members who will be ready. Remember Red on Thursdays and Black on Fridays in a show of solidarity. Our journey and fight for a new contract begins now and it begins with you.

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