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Central Massachusetts Telephone Workers
August 07, 2020
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BM Report August 6, 2014
Posted On: Aug 06, 2014

The IPP B period has ended and there were a total of 6 volunteers in New England. 4 CO techs and 2 Splice Service technicians. None of these 6 volunteers are from Local 2325. The company will conduct a canvass in these two titles from the Surplus locations remaining in the corresponding locals. Qualified volunteers from surplus locations will replace these 6 IPP B volunteers. The projected off property for these IPP B’s will be August 17th.

The company has also concluded a canvass of surplus administrative titles to replace the 4 IPP B volunteers from the Medway DRC. There are approximately 30 volunteers for these 4 openings in Medway. When the senior volunteers have been identified they will wait for a release date from their current departments. Once there is a release date, the 4 IPP B volunteers from Medway will be accepted and given an off property date. Currently this is projected to take a few weeks. We are working with Labor Relations to get an off property as soon as possible. When we have that date we will update this tape.

The Company has notified the Union that at the conclusion of canvassing to fill the IPP B openings this surplus will end. There will be no further movement outside of the canvassing for IPP B replacements. However the Company has notified us that a third quarter surplus will be released shortly. We have been informed that this 3rd quarter surplus will be small and will not include many titles. When this surplus is announced we will update this tape.

It is very important that all members make sure that they have a beneficiary listed for their pension. This is especially the case for members who do not have a spouse. Go to your benefits page online and make sure you have a beneficiary.

This should go without saying but all members are asked to boycott Market Basket grocery stores. The fight that the employees of Market Basket have taken on is a good one for working families and it is inspiring. These employees are defining solidarity. There is strength in numbers and these employees are willing to stand together to achieve their goals. Please show the employees of Market Basket your support.

We are approaching the one year date till expiration of our collective bargaining agreement. That date is midnight August 1st 2015. It is time to prepare for what we believe to be another lengthy fight with this corporation. When we last met we spent 15 months at the bargaining table fighting with a company that looked to battle over every word in our agreement. It was a stressful time for this membership and with the state of the industry and the direction of this company we prepare for another lengthy fight. If we learned anything from our last round of bargaining, it’s to not take our contract for granted. They will once again look to come after everything in it. The best thing we can do for now is to prepare ourselves. Start the process of saving money and working on your budgets. Get your bills in order and do not take on any major expenses. Take the year to get yourself to a good place financially. Battles can be won on preparation alone. A tough enemy is one who is prepared to fight. That’s where we need to be.

The System Council T6 will prepare mobilization strategies with our friends from the CWA. Remember to wear RED on Thursdays and to show signs of solidarity as much as possible. Any idea on how to show solidarity is a good one. Prepare yourselves not only as an individual but as a group.

In Solidarity,

Dave Keating

Business Manager

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